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 Some Pictures from Baten Kaitos

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PostSubject: Some Pictures from Baten Kaitos   Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:06 pm

Here are some pictures from Baten Kaitos I found on the internet...

On this first one they are standing by the side of this gigantic flying animal working as a ferry. I don't know if it is their own or if they have just borrowed it, they use many different transports to get around.

This picture is taken very much from a distance. This is actually a harbour. They are standing on that pier by the side of another ferry-like creature.

This picture is taken in a small farming village.

This is a battle image. The pink girl, she is like a mage and uses mostly magic attacks.

This seems very cold, doesn't it?

This picture is taken somewhere in the deep of the great castle on Diadem, the cloud nation.

Taken from a review of Baten Kaitos:
"Graphically, BK is nothing short of amazing. The environments really have to be seen to be believed. All cut scenes are handled through the in-game engine (with the opening animation being the exception) and you will wonder how they made it look so good. The entire game is imaginative and beautifully rendered. Amazing use of color and incredibly beautiful effects bathe BK in a glorious light that makes it shine. Character models are also impressively detailed."

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Some Pictures from Baten Kaitos
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