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 Unreal Tournament III

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PostSubject: Unreal Tournament III   Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:36 pm

Hm... I have played Unreal Tournament 3 for a while now and I really enjoy it all the time. There is many cool weapons and twise as many impressive viechels in comparison UT2004. I've allways said that I lake the Original UT more, and I still do, but now I've noticed something. I've noticed somthing about UT3 That I didn't see before. i've noticed that even if the stages, courses or what ever you wanna call them, are not as insanely many as they are in UT2004, they are all different. I don't mean different like diffenert enviroment or different tunnels. Every stage has itīs own little touches and unice features that you won't find in other stages. They are very varied like, on one course you are in the dark alleys of a city just next to Liandri robotics corporation, then suddenly a ship arrives that gives you access to a deadly walker with octopuss tentacels, and in another course you have as mission to destroy the other teamīs power core, but if you occupy the airfield on the hill to the left you can get access to air drones and attack your enemies from the sky. Then if your opponents take it over you'll have to take it back to be able to use those viechels again. It's touches like that the stages have in UT3, I don't mean some of the stages, I mean ALL of them. There is allways something special with every stage, and there is many, at least 35 of them or so.

Here is the Game Review from IGN.com:


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Unreal Tournament III
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